ICE 2017 London Opening Ceremony

Join us for an exciting and entertaining introduction to the ICE 2017 London with a spectacular opening ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony will begin with welcome remarks from the General Co-Chairs, Gabor Tari, Chief Geologist, OMV; Ken McClay, Royal Holloway and AAPG President, Charles Sternbach, President, Star Creek Energy.

AAPG Europe Region President, Fiona MacAulay will be presenting the AAPG Europe Awards recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements in the geosciences industry. Awards to be presented include: Outstanding Explorer Award, Distinguished Educator Award, Outstanding Research Award and the Public Service Award.

Keynote addresses from Honorary Chair, Jonathan Craig, Senior Vice President, Exploration, Eni Upstream & Technical Services; Kirsten L. Siebach, Stony Brook University, Mars Sedimentology; and Lord John Browne will follow the awards presentations.

Upon conclusion of the Opening Ceremony, please make your way to the Exhibition where we will open with the Icebreaker Reception. It’s a great opportunity to network with colleagues and get a first glance at the exhibitors for this year’s ICE.

AAPG Europe Awards 2017

Nominations are sought for four awards that will be presented at the opening ceremony at ICE London on 15 October. Please review the criteria for each award and note that these awards are open to both AAPG members and non-members. Recipients must be living at the time of selection and willing to be present to accept the award at ICE on Sunday, 15 October 2017. For more information or nomination instructions, please contact:

AAPG Europe – Explorer of the Year

This Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the exploration for energy resources by individuals or teams with emphasis on a recent discovery (last five years). Candidates shall be individual explorers or leaders of teams who have:

  • Discovered a significant energy resource, or
  • Caused a significant energy resource to be developed, or
  • Created a new significant play to be developed in a new or mature basin, or
  • Caused a new energy resource province to be opened up, or
  • Been part of a team discovering a significant energy resource, or
  • Accomplished earth science exploration which can be demonstrated to be responsible for the discovery of a significant energy resource.
AAPG Europe – Educator of the Year

This award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to geological education in the energy sector. Contributions leading to consideration for this award will involve the teaching and counseling of students at university level, contributions to the education of the public, and management of educational programsmay also be recognized. Consideration should emphasize contributions to the teaching of students, guidance of student research, research and scientific publications, university and community activities, and involvement in the activities of scientific/ professional organizations.

AAPG Europe – Energy Geoscience Research Award

This award is given in recognition of a singular achievement in energy geoscience research. Candidates should have distinguished themselves with one or more advancements in the field of energy geoscience. The advancement(s) could be in the form of; proving, developing or advancing a theory; demonstrating a new approach to solving a problem; developing a new methodology or technology; application of existing theories, concept approaches, methodology or technology to increased exploration or production of energy resources.

AAPG Europe – Public Service Award

This award is given to recognize contributions by individuals to public affairs and to encouraging geoscientists to take a more active part in such affairs. Contributions are not limited to, but may be in, education of the public, politicians, thought leaders, etc., on the application of geoscience to the general welfare of the community. The field is not restricted to petroleum, but may be in land use, conservation of natural resources, etc.

Closing date for nominations will be 14 July 2017.