Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of AAPG and SEG, it is our pleasure to invite you to the 2017 International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) at ExCeL London, 15–18 October 2017. It is a privilege to host the ICE 2017 in London during this, the Centennial Year of AAPG, and the conference theme of ‘100 Years of Science Fueling 100 Years of Prosperity’ is particularly fitting for this prestigious 100th Anniversary event. During the conference, we will revisit key milestones from our industry’s past, discuss the current competitive environment, and share what we know about the technologies and opportunities that will drive exploration and production into the future.

In 1917, when AAPG was founded, our world, and our industry, was very different, but the original purpose of AAPG to foster scientific research, to advance the science of geology, to promote technology, and to inspire professional conduct, still guides the Association today. The ICE 2017 in London will gather geologists, geophysicists, and other petroleum industry professionals from countries around the world to build their knowledge and their skills, to discover technology innovations, and to network with their peers. The opportunity to learn, collaborate, network, and engage with industry peers and experts has always been a differentiating characteristic of both AAPG and SEG. The collective reach of both societies is in excess of 65,000 professional and student members worldwide, so the ICE 2017 provides an opportunity to serve the needs of the entire global geosciences community.

Despite the changing global environment of our industry, the pursuit of excellence and learning in the subsurface geosciences remains critical if we are to meet the challenges that changes in commodity price, cost structures, and supply/demand balances place upon us. With more than 1,600 abstracts submitted for the conference – an all-time record for an ICE – the Technical Programme Committee has developed an outstanding programme of oral and poster presentations. The Technical Programme is focused around 12 core themes, ranging from Deepwater Exploration & Production to Unconventional Exploration & Production, from New and Emerging Basins to Mature Basins, the Integration of Geophysics and Geology, and from Petroleum Systems to Traps and Reservoirs. Other themes include Polar Petroleum Potential, the History of Petroleum Exploration, and Health, Safety, Security and the Environment. There will also be special sessions covering 100 Years of Global Exploration, Geoenergy Resources and, of course, the legendary ‘Discovery Thinking’ session. Robust business and regulatory forums, field trips, short courses, and special programs for students and young professionals will augment the exceptional technical programme.

World-class events like ICE are only possible thanks to the financial backing and content contributions of companies, the commitment of the AAPG and SEG staff, and the efforts of a large number of dedicated volunteers. Strong support from both industry and academia ensures vigorous scientific exchange, diverse short courses and field trips, state-of-the-art product displays, and networking activities that promote an educational and collaborative atmosphere. At ICE London, you will gain exposure to some of the most innovative and extensive technologies necessary for our industry to overcome the challenges we will face in exploration, development, and production in the future.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we invite you to come to London (just possibly the greatest city in the world!) to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of AAPG and to be part of the industry’s leading global geosciences conference of the year.

Gabor Tari Ph.D.
General Co-Chair
Group Chief Geologist,
OMV Exploration and Production GmbH

Ken McClay
General Co-Chair
Professor, Fault Dynamics Research Group,
Department of Earth Sciences,
Royal Holloway University of London

Jonathan Craig
Honorary Chair
Senior Vice President,
Exploration Strategies & Professional Areas,
Eni Upstream & Technical Services